About Board&Dice

Our team is young, creative, and very intelligent with a lot of cool, sometimes crazy ideas ­čśë We are on the international market since 2014 and hope we will stay there for a long time…

So far, we have published Beer Empire, Dice Brewing, Exoplanest, The Curse of The Black Dice,┬áMultiuniversum┬áand┬áMultiuniversum: Project Cthulhu┬ádesigned by Manuel,┬áSUPERHOT The Card Game,┬áPocket Mars, The Networks German Edition, INBETWEEN – and many more in plans and in development process:┬áCartel,┬áPage Quest, Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker…┬áWhat to say more – we will have some cool proposals for you guys!

Board&Dice Publishing, letÔÇÖs call us BaD Squad, is mostly run by 5 geeks fully engaged in games that we intend to publish.

For us, board games are something more than merely an idea for a business. Most of all, they are our great passion, which enables us to develop ourselves in several areas at the same time. Since we are a small Polish publishing firm we can publish games that are to our liking and that we find interesting. That is, the ones we’d love to play ourselves.

To make the long story short ÔÇô we publish games that fascinate us. Such was the case with Beer Empire or Dice Brewing which reflected our love for brewing, or with Exoplanets which mirrors our huge interest in the cosmos and the laws governing our universe. And of course there is SUPERHOT The Card Game – we thought this idea was amazing from the beginning, with mechanics we fell for instantly and the crazy promise of turning the original SUPERHOT into a sick card game!

What more, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2015 for the board game Exoplanets, and in the same year we also funded another of our games, The Curse of The Black Dice, on a Polish crowdfunding portal. In 2016 we have funded Multiuniversum with Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu and in 2017 SUPERHOT The Card Game.

That means we’ve got experience in carrying out international projects and shipping, so we can assure you that the games will reach your hands without delays.

We are fully invested in every title we publish, not only in terms of promotion or production, but we also support authors in the optimization and perfection of their ideas.

The staff of Board&Dice consists of six positively crazed individuals. BaD crew core:

Numbers, licensing, sales and executive director.

Crazy creative soul in our team. Game hunter, designer and developer.

This guy coordinates logistics and takes care of your games packaging.

He is working with publishers to make sure that games look best possible.