All That Burns

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A burning shadow falls over the cold lands of Valskyrr, as a new villain steps into the scene. Empowered by the nefarious Mists and bent on seeing the world in flames, Sigraed must be stopped. It’s time for heroes to unite and once again stand together as defenders of the north!

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Face a new challenge alone or work together with your friends in a 4-scenario narrative campaign that will pit you against one of Aestemyr’s iconic villains. Fall in battle or redeem Sigraed, so that she may join you as a playable hero for games to come.

  • With a set of 4 custom scenarios, All That Burns creates a campaign, with each step evaluating players’ efforts in order to set up the goals and difficulty of the final chapter. Each scenario can also be played standalone.
  • Play alone, or experience the story with up to 3 friends.
  • Play each of the 4 adventures separately, or as a campaign.
  • Advance your hero between scenarios and face greater threats.
  • Add a new playable hero to your cooperative and competitive games.

For 1-4 players, aged 13+.

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