Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker – SYSTEM ACCESS (P’N’P VERSION)


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What’s inside this Pledge?

System access (P’n’P version)

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker P’n’P content including Stretch Goals, which will be unlocked for Basic training pledge (Blight Chronicles CORE BOX version).

This is a digital reward and will be sent to you via email.


You’re an agent of Blight, a secret government project that carries out undercover missions with the highest precision. You’re out in the city when your phone vibrates. You take the call.

As you bring the phone to your ear, it triggers the retinal projector in your right eye. You pretend to listen as the real message appears in the form of a hologram. Blight-sight allows for improved and secure communication. The message reads:

Hello agent, I am Monica from Blight, and I will be your Handler for this mission, codename ‘Cloudless Sky.’ Two hours ago we lost track of Dr. Andrews. We need one of our agents to go to the area where he was last seen. Blight is aware that your skills are still under development, and we wouldn’t normally risk sending a junior agent on a mission like this, but we have no choice because you’re the only one close enough to the facility. You need to evaluate the potential danger and, if necessary, rescue Andrews.

What is your response agent? Will you take that mission?

The choice is yours.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a solo deck-building game in which you are an Agent of Blight, one of the most secret government projects, specializing in infiltrating agents to complete precise tasks.

A briefing introduces the players to the setting and goals of the Mission. Each Mission is divided into several stages, each with a unique goal. At key points, the player gets to choose where to go next. The most important thing for a Blight Agent is to be invisible so be sure to keep the suspicion to a minimum. Full exposure means instant failure.

The Agent starts the game with the same deck each time, but as you face different obstacles your move set will change, and so will your gear. When dealing with an obstacle, you’re faced with a choice: Do you knock it out without making too much noise, or eliminate it and take its gear?

Choose your stages well! Each has a different set of obstacles and goal, affected by choices you made in previous stages. They also allow you to collect different gear.

…but how does it work? Here’s a full how to play the video by Gaming Rules! No spoilers included 🙂

Not enough intel to set out on a mission in our game? Have no fear! For those who like to be prepared for everything, we have a written DEMO manual that will guide you through every nook and cranny of the fantastic game mechanics.

But don’t forget about the mission book filled with an immersive story!

If you think you have what it takes to be a Blight operative, but you’re still unsure of your abilities you may check if Blight is what you expect it to be by giving it a try with this PnP Files for the Demo version.