Champion of Midgard: Jarl Edition


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Want to get the expansions of Champions of Midgard while upgrading your play experience? Champions of Midgard Jarl Edition is what you’re looking for. It comes with both Champions of Midgard: Valhalla and Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains as well as exclusive content not available at retail, including a box designed to hold everything including the base game.

  The Dark Mountain Expansion: 2 New Side Boards 1 Dark Mountains Board 1 Expanded Market Board 24 Bergrisar Cards 24 New Enemy Cards 5 New Rune Cards 24 Land Journey Cards 1 New Destiny Card 12 Archer Dice 1 New Ship 2 New Leaders 1 Permanent Market Stall 2 New Economic Market Stalls1 New Military Market Stall Worker Pawns and Score Tokens for a 5th player The Valhalla Expansion: 1 New Side Board (The Valhalla Board) 5 Burial Ground Tiles 10 Berserker Dice 10 Shieldwarrior Dice 5 Leader Dice 32 Valkyrie Blessing Cards 9 Epic Monsters 2 New Destiny Cards 105 Sacrifice Tokens 2 NewLeader Boards 9 Leader Ability Boards Jarl Exclusives: Exclusive Box Viking-Shaped Meeples in 6 Player Colors Helmet-Shaped Score Markers in 6 Player Colors 1 Promo Ship 2 Merchant Ships 2 Land Journey Cards 2 Journey Cards      


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