Chronicles of Frost

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Behold the deadly beauty of Valskyrr – a land of ice and snow, a land of peril, and a land of adventure. Join fearless adventurers that step into the corrupting Mists to pursue noble quests,
and forge their Chronicles in battle against deadly enemies.
Discover the land, shape your destiny and become a legend.

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Welcome to Chronicles of Frost, a deck-building adventure game for 1-4 players, where you get to shape not only your Hero, but also the world itself. Each turn you will play and activate cards in your Hero Area to move, complete Quests and eliminate enemies – or return to the inn in order to rest and recuperate.

You will start with a unique ten card deck, which you will expand and modify as you play, putting some cards in your Chronicle, where they will score you more points at game end. When a player finishes both their quests, or when a deck of cards forming the purchasable card offer exhausts, the game ends, and the player with most points wins.

Base Game, Solo Game, Modules

Chronicles of Frost comes with two Modules – extra sets of mechanisms that can be added to the base game. It is recommended that you ignore them during your first game. When setting up for the first time, simply place any components unused in the setup back in the box.

Game design: Błażej Kubacki
Game Development: Andrei Novac Illustrations: Enggar Adirasa
Rules in English: Rainer Åhlfors,
Błażej Kubacki, Andrei Novac
Rules layout and Graphic Design: Agnieszka Kopera

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