Exoplanets: Add-ons – Stars, Space and Gravity

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Add-ons for Exoplanets The Board Game, which gives you new capabilities and options

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The Deep Space expansion

Consists of 16 new space tiles. Before you begin your game you should shuffle the expansion tiles with the basic version tiles.

Rules for using the expansion tiles:

  • The space tiles from this expansion include 2 immediate effects. When one of these effects is played a player must chooses which one will take place. The choice must be made in the moment of placing a tile.
  • A player may use only one of the two effect that are visible on a space tile. Once a decision was made it cannot be undone.
  • Some of the immediate effects have 2 special effect icons. This means that if you activate a given effect you should take both of the special effect markers visible on the tile.


The Star’s Expansion introduces expanded game rules through the new conditions represented by the Star’s cores. The cores need to be placed inside the main Star of the planetary system. Once the core is placed into the Star ring it enables players to use one of the new passive abilities.Introduction


is another special effect that comes into the game next to the Black Hole, Solar Storm and Creation. Thanks to the Gravity special effect, players will be able to cancel the effect that space tiles, placed under planets, have on the game. Gravity also introduces a new markers pool, Gravity markers can also be exchanged for resources.


  • 1 Gravity tile
  • 20 black Gravity markers
  • 1 box for storing the Gravity markers

All instructions and more details you will find here

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