Little Monster

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It’ s lunch time in Monster Town, and creatures big and small are at the door, ready to fill their bellies! The table is set up, the food smells delicious, and the race around the table is ready to begin. Guide your two beasties with the most skill, and become the best eater the world has ever seen!

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Little Monster That Came For Lunch And Stayed For Tea (hereafter just called Little Monster), is a hand management racing game, for 2-4 players that lasts about 30 minutes.

Each player will be responsible for two Monsters that they will use to race against their opponents. By playing cards from their hand, players will be able to satiate their Monsters’ hunger pains and bring them closer to Teatime. The race starts when the Monsters meet for lunch and will continue until two monsters belonging to a single player reach the end of the Table Track – and win the game!

If you want to check the rules, you can download them >>HERE<<




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