Meet Strawberry Games

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We have created a special bundle called “Meet Strawberry games,” in which you can get the games at excellent prices, and with some gifts, like some free copies. We want to show you how these games can be smart and give you a lot of fun!


Who knows more about treasure hunting than Black Skull Island pirates? They’ve just found another treasure in the Board&Dice store… From now on all B&D games are at special prices!
But it’s not the only find! They are also “Meet Strawberry Games” bundle that not only gives you special prices but also some of the games for free!

Get your games before the Pirates of Black Skull Island loot it all!

What will you find in the bundle?

  1. Black Skull Island
  2. Little Monster
  3. Scare-It!
  4. Pyramid of the Sun
  5. 3 Wishes
  6. What’s Up

Now… If you are so hungry for these games, as this guys:

You will get them cheaper as if you would like to buy them separately. You save above 10 EURO.

And if you will look how much several of the games costs (even in promo prices) you get 2 Strawberry games for free!

Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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