Rescue Animals



Animals from all over the world are in peril! They depend on you! Will you be able to help the endangered species?

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Basic information
Players: 2-5
Playtime: 15 min
Age: 8+
Designer: Przemek Wojtkowiak
Artist: Paulina Wach

In Rescue Animals, you take on the role of a wildlife conservation specialist. It is your job to rescue and protect endangered animals from all over the world. Everything is in your hands now! Can you help?

Roll your dice as fast as you can and match them to the requirements of an endangered animal to score the Protection Points. By collecting pairs of the same animal you will score additional Protection Points at the end of the game. Simple, quick, real-time game that is not only fun but also provides strong educational content. For sure, the game features the cutest graphics you have ever seen!

Each round, new cards will be drawn, presenting the players with new challenges and more animals to rescue. Most cards depict a dice requirement consisting of one black die and two or more white dice. However, a few Endangered Animals have special requirements that must be met. Players are trying to collect the most valuable Endangered Animal cards by rolling and matching their dice as quickly as they can with the animal they are trying to rescue. Each player has the opportunity to rescue exactly one Endangered Animal each turn. Any player who is unable to collect a card this turn will receive an additional die for the following turn.

The player who has collected the most Protection Points after the whole deck ends wins the game.

Rulebook can be found here.

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