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If you are visiting Essen Spiel this year you will certainly be walking through the halls. We encourage you to join our #WalkTheHallsForCharity event and use your steps to help donate to charity and receive a special medal created for the event!

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If you are visiting Essen Spiel this year you will certainly be walking through the halls as you dig in to all those hot and interesting new titles! We encourage you to join our Walk the Halls for Charity event and use your steps to help donate to charity. As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a special medal created for the event!

WalkTheHallsForCharity Spiel2019

How can I participate? It is super easy:

  1. First, register by “buying” the Walk the Halls for Charity product through our web store — for the price of 10 Euro. Collected funds will be donated to the EFC Foundation (non-governmental and non-profit organization in Poland) which supports equal access to education and promotes creative and innovative ways of thinking about education using many programs, including scholarships for young students. Want to know more about this charity? Please see below.
  2. During Essen Spiel (October 24–27, 2019), while you are walking the halls, track your steps using an app or device of your choice (compatible with most smartphones, smartwatches, and smartbands).
  3. During the last day of Spiel (October 27, 2019), visit our booth at Hall 2, C112, and show us how many steps you walked. Here, you will receive your special medal!
  4. Take a selfie and post about this event on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) tagged with #WalkTheHallsForCharity.

Simple, right? Combine an enjoyable time with doing something good in the meantime!

By buying this product you agree to the terms and conditions of #WalkTheHallsForCharity at Essen Spiel 2019.

More about the charity we want to donate:
EFC – The Roman Czernecki’s Educational Foundation EFC
Website: https://efc.edu.pl/en

At the EFC Foundation, we deal with education. Our aim is threefold: we strive to create equal access to education, to promote creative, innovative ways of thinking about education in the light of the challenges of the XXI century, and to broaden its definition to include social responsibility and civic engagement.

We believe that non-governmental and nonprofit organizations have a specific obligation to constantly question the means chosen to achieve their statutory ends. It is hard to come by constructive criticism in philanthropy – there is no market verification or disenchanted voters. A grateful recipient is always at hand. Yet it is precisely the financial and political independence of NGOs that should oblige them to incessantly question how they spend their money. In any subcategory of human interaction with one-another or the environment there is a scale of the good, which can be achieved for one dollar. Yes, it is a subjective scale and yes, its extremities are an ideal, but this does not mean we should not work with this scale always on our minds. Constantly striving for the most good is what makes philanthropy the true “love of man”.

Igor Czernecki
Chairman of the Board

Programs of EFC Foundation:

The Horizons Scholarship Program
The Horizons Scholarship Program is a result of such an exercise. Its creation is a reaction to changes in the socio-economical situation unraveling over the past decade in the Polish hinterland, as well as the radicalization and polarization of parts of the country.

Education Inspiration – grants for teachers
We believe changes in the conventional approach to teaching should be implemented at an early stage of education. That’s why the EFC offers grants to teachers from all around Poland, who share our viewpoint and wish to participate in those changes in their schools. We support projects conducted outside of the classroom, which engage a diverse group of students in social, artistic or scientific activities.

EFC Patron Schools
EFC works with underfinanced schools in rural areas of Poland. We provide them with long-term support by collaborating closely with the school staff, workshops and trainings, as well as material aid. Our aim is to turn schools into social and cultural centers which will attract new students and which will create work opportunities for locals by a self-sufficient operative model.

The Irena Sendler Prize „for fixing the world”
Each year, teachers have the chance to receive a prize for “fixing the world.” We look for professionals who promote cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance and who are sensitive to the complexity of our history. The prize was named after Irena Sendlerowa, a Polish hero who saved hundreds of Jewish children during WWII.

Roman Czernecki Prize for publications on education
As a passionate educator, Roman Czernecki was actively engaged in perfecting his teaching methods and the education system in Poland throughout his entire life. With his work as an example we believe, that an ongoing discussion about education is necessary in order to understand and overcome challenges we face today. Each year, a committee of experts awards authors of the best academic, popular and professional articles about educational theory and/or practice.

Interested? >>>> Please read Terms and Conditions <<<<

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